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CHVRCHES, recently celebrating the release of their horror-inspired LP "Screen Violence," has just shared a brand new rendition of Gerard McMahon‘s“Cry Little Sister”, the iconic theme song to Joel Schumacher’s 1987 "The Lost Boys!" The band’s version of the track appears on the soundtrack of the new Netflix film "Nightbooks," which is released today (September 15). “We were so excited to work on this project as we are big fans of everyone involved,” the band said in a statement. “Cinema — horror in particular — has always been a big part of Chvrches behind the scenes. We have talked about covering ‘Cry Little Sister’ for years, and this seemed like the perfect moment to do it.” A synopsis for "Nightbooks" reads: “Scary story fan Alex must tell a spine-tingling tale every night, or stay trapped with his new friend in a wicked witch’s magical apartment forever.” Only last month CHVRCHES released their fourth full-length album "Screen Violence." The LP features singles “Good Girls”, “How Not to Drown” featuring The Cure’s Robert Smith, and “He Said She Said”. Speaking about the record, frontwoman Lauren Mayberry stated: “I think for me it was helpful to go into the process with the idea that I could write something escapist almost,” Mayberry explains of the album. “That felt freeing initially, to have concepts and stories to weave your feelings and experiences through but in the end, all the lyrics were still personal.”