• Muzik First


Rising Canadian artist Cmagic5 is back with a brand new party anthem that solidifies her standing as one to watch out for. "Dancing On My Heart" shares a story of the struggle to move on from a past lover who keeps coming back to find an opportunity to let themselves right into our lives. “This track emphasizes the ‘moving on’ phase after falling out of a relationship and the frustration that develops when you’re avoiding falling in love with the same person all over again, knowing they’re not the one for you. It happens! In a fun and playful way, it’s all about holding your ex responsible for your inability to move on,” shares the refreshingly confident singer-songwriter. The track was completed despite all the lockdown and pandemic challenges that were endured throughout the process, as Cmagic5 says, “the uniqueness of the whole process is what makes this song special. It demonstrates how music can connect people in the most difficult of times and transcends all kinds of boundaries.” Cmagic5 is an advocate and ambassador for mental health awareness, hoping to use her platform to shine a light on topics close to her heart. She is also a keen philanthropist and actively supports charity organizations with a mission to help teens with insecurities, build their self-confidence and boost their self-esteem. With over 10 million streams for her music and an ever-growing fanbase, Cmagic5 is quite literally taking the industry by storm.