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Coldplay has returned with yet another surefire radio hit, this time teaming up with beloved K-pop group BTS. "My Universe," from the band's forthcoming ninth studio album "Music of the Spheres." The track, co-written in English and Korean by both groups, celebrates life's small wonders; the universe becomes a metaphor for a romantic relationship where both partners overcome societal barriers by understanding their differences. The song soothes hardships, reminding us of the ways we shine a light on each other's lives. Even through heavy conversations on love and discrimination, "My Universe" remains hopeful throughout with its punchy drumline and inspirational lyrics. "We really don't believe in any boundaries or separation of anything really, and so the song My Universe is about someone being told they can't love a certain other people, or can't be with this race, or they can't be gay, whatever it might be," Coldplay frontman Chris Martin explained on "The Kelly Clarkson Show" earlier this month. "And we thought it would be good to sing this with BTS because maybe we're not supposed to be together." Once our current boundary of the pandemic has been conquered, both bands will return to the stadiums around the world. The sparkling euphoria of "My Universe" will fit right in that environment, a shooting star of a song that barely puts a foot wrong.