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There have been rumours that BTS will be collaborating with Coldplay as they were seen landing in South Korea back in April of this year. Today that track has leaked in full titled "Universe," which will be on their 9th album "Music of The Spheres," dropping on October 15 of this year. With the news of the release of the new album, Coldplay released a handwritten letter and album trailer on their official social media. BTS and Coldplay have been mutual admirers of each other for a while. The first hope of BTS X Coldplay took place this year when BTS covered Coldplay’s ‘Fix You’ for MTV ‘Unplugged.’ Later, Chris Martin also travelled to South Korea. "Music of the Spheres" is the follow-up to their 2019 double album "Everyday Life," which led the Official U.K. Albums chart and peaked at No. 7 on the Billboard 200. It also received a surprise Grammy nomination for album of the year, its first nod in that category in 12 years. Chris Martin and co. announced the album on Tuesday via a handwritten note on their Twitter account, along with a cosmic album visual, "Overtura," on YouTube.