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Later this spring, London-based duo Dahlia Sleeps will release their full-length debut album "Overflow" that features 10-track, including the EP and five new songs. Luke Hester produced the album, and singer Lucy Hill introduced the record’s combination of poetic indie rock and emotive electronic influences last year, sharing the first half of the album as their 2021 EP, "Overflow Pt. 1." Today, the duo are back with their latest track, “The Calm You Keep,” premiering with Under the Radar. “The Calm You Keep” is the empathetic closing cut to the record, reflecting on the calming love and comfort of parenthood. Hill plays the role of the child, searching for peace and safety through life’s storms. In keeping with the rest of the album’s themes, the track is a poetic tribute to the loved ones who carry us through our darkest hours. As Hill explains, “It’s a portrait of a parent providing the calm within the storm, half a Dalí-esque soundscape from within an unwell mind, half a paradise of safety.” Meanwhile, the music imitates the peaceful comfort of the song’s loving parent, tracing the band’s lyrics with dreamy guitar balladry and a heavenly vocal performance from Hill. Like the record’s previous singles, “The Calm You Keep” sees Dahlia Sleeps expertly walking the line between soul-baring indie rock and gorgeous, expansive soundscapes.