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Australian singer Daine whose 2020 breakout "Picking Flowers" threaded the needle between digicore and Midwest emo. She followed that up with a nu-metal ballad "Ascension" and her online party, Nocturne. Today Daine shares a new song, "New Ground," plus details of her debut mixtape. "New Ground" is a triumph against the odds, with Daine learning to rise above it all. A song about facing challenges and leaving behind negative situations, 'new ground' seems to touch on different eras within emo while contextualizing this in a future-facing pop environment. "Quantum Jumping" is due on March 18 and is described in a statement as both "a chronological timeline of the very first songs she wrote at the age of 16" and "tombstone to her adolescence." "New Ground" was written with Into It. Over It. and is more upbeat than some of the moodier sounds we have heard from Daine in the past. In addition to the new music and mixtape plans, Daine has also announced the line-up for her next Nocturne event. Set for Monday, February 14, the Valentine's Day special will include guests Hot Mulligan, Ravenna Golden, Darcy Baylis, Wicca Phase Springs Eternal, Ezekiel, Blackwinterwells, Ayegy, Hyd and Himera.