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Rising Los Angeles-based pop singer and songwriter Dava is back with a fresh new single titled "Sticky," which is perfect for your summer. The track is an ideal song to listen to as you start your day. It’s a vibrant, daydream-inducing track about literally having your heart stuck on someone. "Sticky" follows the release of Dava's eclectic and impressive debut singles "New Ceilings," "ASOS," "Right Time," and "Papercut," which received critical acclaim as well as generated millions of streams thanks to playlist support from Spotify and Apple Music. Dava says, “I made ‘Sticky’ with some of my best friends; it’s probably the happiest record we’ve ever created. I was listening to a lot of Gwen and Beastie Boys, and throughout the process of making this song, we found a lot of freedom in taking such a clean sound and pairing it with the surprise bridge. That’s my favourite thing about music – the freedom of putting as much of you into a song as possible. I think ‘Sticky’ is the perfect record to leave behind before a new era.” She will be releasing her debut EP due out later this year, Dava lays it all bare, exploring her breadth as an artist and introducing herself as a need-to-know force who's sharing her story.