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Former American Idol star David Archuleta has dropped a song called “Beast,” and it came just in time for the spooky season. Archuleta sings about his dark side on the excellent new track, comparing it to a monster inside him. Archuleta hyped the song on social media before its release on Thursday. Get ready to have it on repeat as Halloween gets closer, and we all unleash our inner beasts. Archuleta even references the full moon in the song’s lyrics, making us think of werewolves. He warns the person he’s singing to that he’ll “tear your heart out if you stay with me,” finishing the song by announcing, “Stay away, I’ll hurt you ’cause I’m dangerous.” The song has a great pop sound that will have you dancing in place as you listen. The 30-year-old was excited about the new track when he previewed it on social media. He sang along to the song with a smile on his face, making it hard to imagine him having the dark side he sings about. “Beast” is far from the first song Archuleta has released this year. He’s also shared tracks like “Losin’ Sleep,” “Movin’,” and “Be That for You.” Although the singer didn’t put the songs out to release a new album, he has considered an EP. Archuleta also told the site that he’s been taking choreography lessons to get better at Dancing, which he showed in the music video for “Movin.” Maybe we’ll see him on "Dancing with the Stars" one of these days.