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David Bisbal has been reaping successes for 20 years that have conquered us all. He bets on a new version of "Se Nos Bromió El Amor," his mother's favourite song and to which he has dedicated it. David Bisbal pays tribute to his mother with an impressive version of "Se nos roto el amor" by Rocío Jurado. "It makes me very happy to be able to put within the titles of all the songs that I have been sharing throughout my career this jewel that means so much to me and my family," David Bisbal has confessed, coinciding with the launch of his "Se nos broke love." With an emotional and brand new performance, the artist from Almeria fulfills one of his dreams by signing the piece that Manuel Alejandro wrote for the great Rocío Jurado. Accompanying her impeccable voice is a classical orchestra that oscillates the beautiful melody. He also owes it to Julio Reyes, the producer he went to adapt this song to his genre. Bisbal has given a new life to the classic "Se Nos Rompió El Amor," leaving proof that good music is not forgotten. In short, this new version is a tribute to the great composer Manuel Alejandro, Rocío Jurado and a gift to his mother. This recording is the first unreleased material that the musician released since he released "A contracorriente" last January, a song with his colleague Álvaro Soler. In December 2021, he published a compilation album around his first two decades of career under the title "20 years with you", from his debut with "Corazón Latino" (2002) to "En tus planes" (2020). Since he departed from the first edition in Spain of "Operación Triunfo" in 2001, Bisbal has forged one of the most solid careers in Spanish pop, with more than 3,500 million reproductions of all his songs.

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