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Toronto-based singer-songwriter Devan has released a new song, “Without You,” an anthem for those with that proud ex that resurfaces at convenient times. The new track serves as the second single after releasing her debut EP “Pink Noise," which follows “Lie.” “This song came out of a DM-slide from an ex,” Devan said of the song. “We had a brutal breakup, and I was pretty devastated by it at the time. Five years later, after I had moved on, he conveniently started messaging me, saying he loves my music and is "so proud" of me. It came across as condescending like he felt he could claim some sort of ownership over what I had accomplished.” She continued, “'Without You' captures the immediate frustration that comes with an unexpected/unwelcomed message from someone who had hurt you… Yet then there's the elated realization that they don't have a hold on you anymore.”Devan’s solo career is steadily climbing, thanks to a handful of alt-pop bops. “Without You” is an obvious standout in these releases so far, highlighting her soft vocals while spellbinding us at the chorus with that unexpected heavy rhythm.