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21-year-old singer Domenic Haynes has already shown that he is a talent to keep an eye on. Inspired by his great heroes Jimi Hendrix and Muddy Waters and his great fascination for blues, funk, hip hop, and psychedelic rock, he released the first song in 2019 that marked the start of something beautiful year saw its sequel in the form of singles. Today he has released a new song titled “Lost My Head” he lets his emotions speak, and he feels the spectrum of his voice in a fragile and serene way. The captivating result immediately gets under your skin, thanks in part to the beautifully balanced instrumentation that adds a nice portion of vulnerability. Something is moving in “Lost My Head,” which keeps you from letting go of the song. A musical piece of poetry that cannot be outbid in terms of melancholy. Haynes started his career when he took the stage during the Blind Auditions on the 16th season of "The Voice." After a hamstring injury, the Tampa, Florida-based singer who pursued music thwarted his athletic dreams belted out Leon Bridges’s “River.” And to say he left the coaches, audience, and those watching at home in a daze is an understatement.