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British-born pop singer Ed Sheeran has released an acoustic version of his latest single, "Bad Habits" which is his first new release since 2019's "No.6 Collaborations Project." The global pop star's newest single is uptempo, '80s-indebted, decidedly nocturnal pop song that's already off to a dynamite start at radio and has earned no shortage of comparisons to the man behind the biggest radio hit of the past decade. But while the song debuts at number 5, "Bad Habits" is the first taste from Sheeran's upcoming fifth album. The song incorporates more aspects of electronic music, and its accompanying music video is anything but conventional; it shows Ed flying around dressed as a vampire. The meaning, however, seems to be close to home for many. The song is partially about reflecting on bad decisions, often made late at night. For the lead single off of his upcoming album rumoured to be called "Minus," Ed addresses vices and their effect on people. As he paints a picture of how impulsive decisions can lead to less-than-ideal outcomes.