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Ed Sheeran premiered a new version of “Bad Habits” and has teamed up with British rock band Bring Me The Horizon on the track. They first performed the song at The 2022 BRIT Awards on February 8, 2022. The song's original version was released from his fifth studio album “=” last June. Thrilled with how the performance went, Sheeran and the Sheffield, England quintet have now released a studio recording of their reimagined version of the song. While generally following last week's live version, the recording is, unsurprisingly, a bit more polished, with Bring Me the Horizon frontman Oliver Sykes essentially saving his throat-tearing screams for the song's outro. Still, it goes without saying that it's the heaviest track the pop mega-star has ever released, with thunderous performances from BMTH electric guitar player Lee Malia and drummer Matt Nicholls giving it impressive, foundation-shaking heft. Ed Sheeran told Jack Saunders about the new version, “I think that we both got to a point in our careers where we like doing things that people think is not what we should be doing. I think that's I think that's the main thing. I think that on paper, all these hardcore fanbases will read this and go, Oh my God, why? And on paper, my fan base will read this and be like, I won't know that. And, and I think it's done amazingly, like really tastefully. And they've taken a song that is essentially an acoustic EDM song brought it into their world, and I'm just I'm so grateful to them.”