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ELIO introduced herself to the world last year with her impressive debut EP ‘u and me, but mostly me,’ which immediately hit listeners, and now the rising pop star has just dropped her second EP, "Can You Hear Me Now?" The 23-year-old singer's new EP, written over two years, delivers on all that chatter, featuring seven perfect songs that unfold like textbook pop. Every chapter is carefully studied. Every technique flawlessly executed.

First, there's "Jackie Onassis," with its crisp production and a dreamy tale of leaving adolescence behind. "CHARGER" is a love song for the internet age as ELIO compares herself to an iPhone on 3%. "Hurts 2 hate somebody" has that chanting, lighters up the charm, while "Come Round" offers a more chilled out groove with delicately autotuned vocals. After her Instagram handle, "@elia o.irl," emits rays of California sunshine, and "Fabric" — the EP's oldest — shows how ELIO's voice shines above an acoustic guitar. "Can You Hear Me Now?" is a bold and exciting collection of tracks that cements ELIO as any artist you NEED to get acquainted with within 2021.