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Norwegian own singer-songwriter Emma Steinbakken released a new song “Sorry” in which the 18-year-old now gently settles accounts with her ex-boyfriend in her new single. Emma Steinbakken's current boyfriend plays the male role in the video clip. “I had the idea to have him act in front of the camera but dropped the idea because I found it kind of strange to show my friend in public. In the end, however, I wanted to have him with me because the video shows a lot of physical contacts, it turned out to be a pretty intimate statement. " The song is followed up with her latest collaboration song “Self” with Robert Grace, which was released back in July. It was written by Cato Sundberg, Dagny, Emelie Hollow, Emma Steinbakken, Espen Berg, Kent Sundberg, Lasse Michelsen and Simen Eriksrud. She shared on social media, “Hei. This is a song about a relationship with my Ex. He's a great guy who instantly fell in love with me when we first met. I had a crush on him, but I wasn't smitten by him despite him being funny, handsome and very kind. My mum thought he was gorgeous, all my friends loved him, everyone around me wanted us to be a couple, which resulted in me feeling guilty. I secretly hoped that I was gradually going to be in love with him, but it didn't happen. To get rid of the crippling feeling of guilt, but also to clarify why I had to end our fling, I wrote 'Sorry.”