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Hall of Fame guitarist Eric Clapton released a new single called, “Heart of a Child” with fellow vaccine skeptic and Italian architect Robin Monotti, who is currently suspended on Twitter. “Heart of a Child” boasts Clapton’s lovely and skilled playing, it’s also subtly a protest song with the message being don’t back down, don’t lose your will, even if it’s a childlike appreciation of life. The new track comes on the heels of songs like “This Has Gotta Stop” and “Stand and Deliver,” for which Clapton recruited another vaccine skeptic, Van Morrison. According to NBC News, “Clapton claimed that he was experiencing temporary adverse reactions to the Astrazeneca vaccine, but detailed symptoms he’d disclosed as early as 2013 and previously blamed on neurological problems. He has opposed lockdowns and made suspicious claims about the dangers of vaccines. This spring, he said in videos posted on a friend’s YouTube channel that scientific studies, expert opinions and public health recommendations extolling the importance of vaccines were “propaganda,” and most recently doubled down by vowing he wouldn’t perform to what he termed “discriminated audiences” in venues requiring proof of vaccination.” Clapton's last contemporary studio album was ‘I Still Do’ in 2016. It featured just two new Clapton compositions ‘Spiral’ and ‘Catch The Blues’ as well as covers from JJ Cale, Bob Dylan and Robert Johnson.