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Ethel Cain has shared her new song, “American Teenager,” which is her latest from her forthcoming debut album "Preacher’s Daughter." She’s also announced a tour, including her performance at this year’s Pitchfork Music Festival. The new song combines the anthemic elements of country rock with Cain's poppier impulses, her voice double-tracked and Auto-Tuned in ethereal harmony, adding a part of the uncanny to an otherwise triumphant jam. The effect favours the track's message, which cuts through clichéd nostalgia for idyllic American summers by shining a light through the cracks in the American dream. In the song accompanied visualizer, she sits on a picnic table in the shade, sipping Budweiser tall cans and looking restless on a sunny afternoon. "American Teenager" comes after singles "Gibson Girl" and "Strangers," following on from the release of her latest EP, "Inbred," in 2021. “Growing up, I was surrounded by visions of NASCAR, rock’n’roll, and being the one who would change everything,” Cain said in a statement. “They make you think it’s all achievable and that if nothing else, you should at least die trying. What they don’t tell you is that you need your neighbour more than your country needs you. I wrote this song as an expression of my frustration with all the things the ‘American Teenager’ is supposed to be but never had any real chance of becoming.” The singer also announced the "Freezer Bride Tour," kicking off in Bloomington, Indiana, and finishing later in the month in Tallahassee, Florida.