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20-year-old Moroccan-Canadian acclaimed singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Faouzia has released her empowering new pop single, “Hero," via Atlantic Records. The song was inspired by her studying for her final exams of a computer-engineering major last December. “I wrote 'Hero' late one night while taking a break from studying for my exams,” Faouzia said of the song. “Thematically, the song discusses having fair and reasonable expectations from the love you give and receive in a relationship or a friendship. It's a two-way street, and any healthy relationship needs both sides to be supportive of each other.” A brilliant introduction to her newly elevated pop sound, “Hero” brings bright textures and kinetic rhythms to an urgent message of self-reliance. Last December, the song came to life as Faouzia, a computer-engineering major, studied for her final exams. She completed a rough version in her basement studio and later worked with producer Alex Koste to shape the shimmering sonic atmosphere surrounding her fearlessly honest lyrics.