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Since her early-aughts breakout with bombastic singles like “Take Me Away,” “Bye Bye Boyfriend,” and “Everything,” leading to her self-titled 2003 debut album, Fefe Dobson has carved her place in the pop-rock pantheon, The Canadian pop-rock star has returned to her sonic roots with Friday's release of her comeback single "Fckn in Love." Fusing electronic pop and rock-tinged production, the song sees the 36-year-old professing her affections for her partner in the immediate aftermath of a passionate encounter. "We just made love. I'm in bliss; I don't want to get up. Let's just stay here, sun is shining. Every part of me is shaking in awe," she sings at the start of the song before the chorus explodes: "Damn, I'm so in love with you. I'm so f---ing in love with you. Damn you, in your birthday suit. I'm in love." The single marks the "Take Me Away" and "Everything" performer's first official single in four years, from her upcoming first album in over 12 years. Though she followed up her eponymous debut's early-aughts breakthrough success with the critically lauded 2010 album Joy, Dobson has only released one-off singles on her own — or as part of soundtracks, like her 2020 "Unpregnant" soundtrack song "White Line Runaways" — in the recent past. She intended to release her sophomore album, "Sunday Love," in the mid-2000s, though, as she told EW in an exclusive interview last year, those plans fell apart, and the album's songs were dispersed to other artists, such as Selena Gomez and Jordin Sparks, for their respective projects.