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FINNEAS is most widely known for his work with his megastar sister Billie Eilish, but he’s also been releasing his own solo music for five years now. This year he’s preparing for the release of his long-awaited official debut album "Optimist." The producer-singer has shared the second single, “The 90s," which was written and produced solely by Finneas. “The 90s” finds the artist yearning for the accessibility of the past. FINNEAS is aware of the rampant ’90s nostalgia that’s overtaken our culture the last couple of years, but “The 90s” focuses on a time when we weren’t logged on 24/7 when the internet was a rare household item. For the track’s video, directed by Sam Bennett with choreography by Monika Felice Smith, FINNEAS pivots from the position of Rodin’s "The Thinker" to walking around a photo studio pensively singing about a time that seemed less awful. The studio transforms from a bright, sparse atmosphere to a dark, windy room where a storm carries him off. Dancers with umbrellas move poetically as he’s brought back to that initial contemplative position. The storm brews inside and outside his mind. Finneas will be taking the project on the road this fall with a 15-city North American tour. The trek begins on October 25 after his festival appearances at the BottleRock Festival, iHeartRadio Music Festival, and Austin City Limits.

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