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Nashville-based alt-pop singer-songwriter Lauren Strahm, aka Fleurie, is back with a new song, “Supertropicali," since her 2018 album “Portals." You’ve probably seen her tease this new chapter on social media for about a month, and now it is finally here! The glorious “Supertropicali” is the beginning of a new era for the singer. Lauren Strahm said of the song, “‘Supertropicali’ is the first page of a story that found me over the last several years and wouldn’t let me go. I continually dreamt about it at night and imagined creating the world inside my head and telling this coming-of-age story of a girl from Japan who moved to Los Angeles at 17, curious and full of wide-eyed wonder. Her name is Serenity, and I found myself telling her story as much as letting her tell mine. ‘Supertropicali’ is the falling-down-the-rabbit-hole moment into the wild world of LA as Serenity perceives it.” The track follows the coming of age story of a girl from Japan who moves to Los Angeles at the ripe age of 17; its accompanying video chock full of 90’s/2000’s nostalgia and starry-eyed wonder as one begins a brand new, exciting chapter in their lives – and that’s only the beginning! More details are set to be revealed with each track release, culminating with the unveiling of the singer’s forthcoming third album.