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Multi-Grammy winning duo For King + Country will launch the pre-order of its upcoming new album "What Are We Waiting For?" due out March 11, along with their new song release “Unsung Hero,” For Kings + Country's fourth studio project asks a pivotal question in a pandemic-riddled world. Brothers Joel and Luke Smallbone provide the answer across 13 original tracks that confront relevant issues and confirm the duo’s commitment to community, diversity and family. Set against a sonic backdrop painted by the Platinum-selling group’s lush, vivid pop, the collection features cameos from tour mate Dante Bowe, Kirk Franklin and Tori Kelly. It includes the barrier-breaking single “Relate,” awe-inspiring “For God Is With Us,” and unifying No. 1 hit “Together.” As for “Unsung Hero” it is the most personal track on the upcoming album and is lovingly dedicated to the parents of For Kings + Country's Joel and Luke Smallbone. Two of seven siblings, the brothers, raise their voices in reverent solidarity for the couple who made them the men they are today. Ethereal strings invite listeners into the real-life story of the Smallbone family and its journey from Australia to America on the cut written by the duo Federico Vindver and Seth Mosley, as they recall the sacrifices made and the example set by their mom and dad. The “Unsung Hero” music video will premiere on YouTube on January 7 at 10 am CT.