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Ahead of the release of her new album "The Kick" on 11th February via [PIAS] Recordings, Foxes has offered yet another new single entitled "Sky Love." Speaking about the track, Foxes - aka Louisa Rose Allen - says it’s about “craving the kind of love that seems unimaginable, drives you crazy and is all-consuming. A love that feels otherworldly and like nothing you’ve felt before.” Of the album, she adds, “The record was written from a place of wanting to escape the walls of my apartment; I wrote it imagining freedom and dancing and people being able to hold each other again. I spent so much time on zoom day and night just writing words and melodies, and before I knew it, I’d written an album's worth of material. I felt a wild and animalistic feeling of needing and wanting to socialize again come out whilst writing, and the feelings just didn’t stop. I felt like being in my apartment and being so isolated made me really dig deep into my mind, and my imagination just ran wild. Most of the music is a celebration, but some of the music comes from a painful place of loss and heartbreak. I felt trapped and almost like my insides were dancing, but I couldn’t express it, but in writing, it allowed me to feel free again. This record feels like a new start and the ability to come back to life after such a strange time of us all being alone.”