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English singer-songwriter Gabrielle Alpin has been around for nearly a decade. Her star rose quickly in her homeland, but the predicted great success did not come. This resulted in a break with record company Parlophone in 2017 and a silence of five years until she released her third album, "Dear Happy," last year, where she sought her more hit-sensitive side. Today Aplin brings us a Christmas present with her new single “Skylight.” On “Skylight,” Gabrielle Aplin again moves away from the pop sound that was so prominent on Dear Happy. The song sounds more sultry and leans closer to soul and jazz, in other words, a side that we haven't heard from her until now. Her beautiful voice gets us into the vibe created during four minutes, but it still feels a bit awkward for some reason. The tranquillity that the melody conveys does match the lyrics in which love is praised, and the emphasis is on enjoying this moment. It takes some getting used to for the seasoned Aplin fan, but she again proves that she has more to offer. That artists evolve and keep reinventing themselves is something we can only encourage, but sometimes it's easier to digest when it comes in small steps. Curious if she will continue to follow this path or retrace her efforts with the following songs.