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Nashville-based singer-songwriter Gatton has seen a recent explosion around his song “When Scars Become Art,” which quickly ascended to become the fastest-growing and one of the biggest songs in the Philippines. What started as one of the country’s biggest TikTok trends has evolved into a song that has resonated with millions of people across the country. He has now released a new version of the track with Rising Danish pop star Maximillian entitled "When Scars Become Art II." A fan favourite, “When Scars Become Art,” was initially released by Gatton in 2018. When Gatton posted a TikTok video of the song on January 19th, it immediately went viral (5.4 million views, 664,000 Likes, 6,441 comments and 900,000+ user-generated content videos using the audio) and sparked the song’s incredible growth. About the song, Gatton says — “When Scars Become Art is what I consider to be the thesis of my artistry. Attempting to cultivate art out of every scar. I think that is what every creative is aiming to do in some capacity. And perhaps every human being. Trying to make sense of the pain. I wrote the song after one of the hardest seasons of my life. I had lost multiple really formative relationships and opportunities at the time and, in turn, lost myself. On one particular day, amidst this season engulfed by grief and sorrow, I sat down at the piano in hopes to find some healing. All I needed was a coping mechanism for the pain. I never had any intention of writing music to release it at the time; just therapy. Perhaps the purest form of writing. In a matter of 30 minutes, I wrote one of the first songs I had ever written."