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Alt-pop duo GIRL907, consisting of sisters Rachele Lynae and Heather Cole, released their debut song “All Your Friends." In the explosive, joyous, celebratory jam, the pair observes what they lost at the end of a love gone bad. Gone is their sanity, their favourite shirt, the bar they used to go to, a bunch of photographs and records. Yet, once the minimalist synth beat drops away and the chorus kicks in, GIRL907 reveals what they won all your friends.

“We had this full music video planned out, and then… Covid,” Rachele Lynae continued. “So we had to pivot, and I think that we may have had even more fun with this video than we would have before!” The results were incredibly charming – and a labour of love…that was also labour that the two loved. “We hand made every single sign with sharpies. We were literally up till all hours of the night drawing stick figures. Best art project. Ever.” The track seemingly laid the groundwork for this new pop duo, an exciting new music venture that sees their respective songwriting skills merge to make something magnificent. Now that the quarantine is lifting and the world is slowly reopening, GIRL907 is poised to burst on the scene and take the music world by storm.