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After sharing a snippet on TikTok recently, GIRLI has revealed her brand new single "Dysmorphia." The new song is a way to let out her feelings about her struggles; writing can be such great therapy, and the London-based artist has proven it again with this beastly new single. Written by GIRLI, Gavin Jones, Johannes Willinder and Robin Padam, the song is the second single off of her upcoming EP “Damsel In Distress,” GIRLI shared on social media “I wrote this song about my own struggles with body dysmorphia. It’s basically me trying to explain how it feels to have a warped vision of myself to someone who doesn’t understand. In the chorus, I sing, “don’t tell me to love myself more; I wish that it was that simple.” There’s so much misconception & misunderstanding about body dysmorphia and eating disorders, and a lot of the time, people think they can advise you on how to get away from the incessant self-hating thoughts when they have no idea what you’re going through in your head.” The new EP follows up “Ex Talk,” which was released back in May and is expected to be released in September 2021.