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North Carolina-based singer-songwriter Ash Gutierrez, aka glaive, released a new song, “detest me." he’s already established himself as a promising up-and-comer in the “hyper pop” scene; and has an upcoming project called "All Dogs Go To Heaven" on the way at some point this year. The track is the second single off of the EP, following “I wanna slam my head against the wall.” Produced by Whethan and Haan. Glaive says of the song, “‘Detest Me’ was the 2nd song I ever recorded in an actual studio. It was the first beat Whethan and Haan made when we got there. They went crazy. I recorded it. We listened to it. Now we’re here.” The latest preview of that is a video for “Detest Me,” which sees the young artist head to Los Angeles for spring break. As for the song, it’s an upbeat and emotional pop tune that’s closer to traditional pop than predecessors like “Astrid.” Also, he will appear on the 2021 Lyrical Lemonade Summer Smash, where he will be his first live performance. The event takes place at Douglas Park Cultural & Community Center, Chicago, between August 20th and 22nd.