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Australia’s GRAACE returns with her stunning new single "Half Awake" and announces her second EP, "Self Preservation," which will be released in February. "Half Awake" is a raw, haunting ballad that remembers her father's passing ten years ago. Backed in the main by nothing but an acoustic guitar and subtle, distorted electronic sounds, the sparseness of the accompaniment allows GRAACE’s vibrant, captivating, heartbreaking voice to be the shining star of the track. “As someone who has dealt with death, it’s hard to sing about, but I love songs that are about loss,” GRAACE says. “So, I thought, why don’t I do that for the people who have lost someone in their lives? In January, it'll be ten years since I lost my father. I think it’s beautiful to finally be able to write about it, to move on and grow.” The EP marks a turning point in GRAACE’s career, born out of the contemplation and reflection enforced by lockdown where she realized she no longer felt connected to the music she had been creating and made the move to return to her roots of honest, intimate more natural songwriting, citing Olivia Rodrigo and Phoebe Bridgers as major influences. After breaking through in 2017 collaborating with Hayden James on the hit single ‘Numb’, GRAACE has become one of Australia’s most promising and popular young artists, with her singles attracting global streams in the millions.