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Greta Isaac has released her intimate new single, "how are you not freaking out?" This is the latest instalment to her eagerly anticipated new EP "I Think You’d Hate It Here," which is due for release on 6th May via Made Records. Teaming up with friends and fellow artists Orla Gartland and Matt Zara to pen the track, "how are you not freaking out?" is a song about suppressing feelings and performing to people’s expectations. It sees Greta open up even more in her writing and go even deeper in her exploration of our often hidden human emotions. It’s a song about realizing the error in her people-pleasing ways and offers startling imagery to convey the panic when this realisation sets in – “I see the wood for the trees and they’re on fire,” sings Greta. The song begins with a subdued strummed guitar accompanying Greta’s vulnerable vocals, with its beautiful dissonances tugging on the heartstrings. As the song progresses, it builds and eventually releases into a stirringly powerful soundscape, which is set to be a significant moment on the forthcoming record. Greta will headline one of Jack Saunders’ infamous ‘Hopscotch’ club nights on 8th April at London’s Oslo. She’s also set to support tastemaker act Dan D’Lion on his upcoming UK tour.

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