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Chart-topping singer and songwriter Greyson Chance has a new single out called "Hellboy." Though the track is just a small preview of the range Chance's fans can expect from his forthcoming album, "Hellboy," meant more to the artist. For Chance, "Hellboy" was about rediscovering his confidence, finding his comfortability and just having fun with music again after facing the pandemic's hardships.

Outrageously red, taller than imaginable and hot as hell, the platform shoes immediately spoke to Chance, who bought them from a thrift store upon first sight. "I walk into the studio in those shoes, and everybody is just looking at me like, 'What is this kid on?,' and I said, 'We are writing a song about sex today, I'm wearing these high heels, that is the vibe,'" Chance said. Chance’s most recent musical endeavours include the successful release of his EP "Portraits" in 2019, which accumulated many accolades, including 70 million streams and topped the iTunes Pop Charts at #5.