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Haim has shared “Lost Track” and its accompanying Paul Thomas Anderson–directed video. The song was first previewed during screenings of Anderson’s Alana Haim–starring film "Licorice Pizza." The band explained that the song came about as a spontaneous collaboration with Anderson during his cover shoot with Alana for W. Inspired by San Fernando Valley women and their social club activities in the 1950s—flower shows, wedding showers, and charity fashion shows—Anderson placed the Haim sisters smack dab in the middle of this ’50s set in the Balboa Golf Course’s restaurant at a banquet club called Monterey at Encino. Sisters Alana, Danielle, and Este Haim, perform “Lost Track” as members of this fictional society of ladies who lunch, flanked by friends and family members of the director. The magazine shoot and subsequent music video for “Lost Track” was a family affair, and not just for the Haims, who are joined here by their mother, but also for Anderson and his partner Maya Rudolph, whose eldest daughter Pearl Anderson can be seen in the shoot for W’s Directors Issue and Haim’s music video (the 16-year-old also appears briefly in "Licorice Pizza"). Those familiar with "Licorice Pizza" will recognize in the music video for “Lost Track” that same visual texture, fluidity, and running sequences that memorialized the film in the hearts of the director’s fans and viewers and led to three Oscar nominations.