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In April, Norwegian singer-songwriter Hanne Mjøen returned with “Hell With You” for the first time in two years. Now, she is back with the follow-up song “Too Tired (Don't Feel Thing)." For this release, she’s actually changed gears; as the title alludes to, it’s a vulnerable moment for her. It is a beautiful ballad in which fragility and a sense of clarity are brought to the forefront and one which stuns with no less impact than that of her usual fare. Hanne Mjøen shared on social media, “I created the song to reflect the feeling of being exhausted after a fight, regretting what you said, and reflecting if we work being more than friends. It's about shutting down when you feel too much and making yourself go numb cause you're too tired to feel anything and too broken to let someone in on it. Watching the other person cry doesn't make you sad anymore cause you're in a state of mind where nothing affects you. Hope you like it." Taking inspiration from the likes of Robyn, Flume, and Lorde, there is a palpable emotional undercurrent that runs through every second of "Too Tired (Don't Feel a Thing)." Deftly balancing meticulously crafted production, a voice that is light as air and lyrics never fail to hit their mark.