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Ever they hit the music scene in the early ’90s, Hanson has been an impressive force on the pop-rock scene. From producing their international hit “MMMBop” to competing in season five of "The Masked Singer," it would appear that this band of brothers has done it all. Hanson is premiering each of the seven songs on the record individually for their upcoming seventh studio album. “Annalie” and “Don’t Ever Change” have already made their debut, and now we get the sweet and snappy “Only Love." “This song is really interesting, one because the song is all about the verses,” Hanson says, “because the chorus is a very simple thought— the chorus lyric is Only love is gonna save us now / Only love is gonna save us. I really struggled with that lyric as we were all working through the song, singing it over and over again… we finished recording the song and then had to change it because something just wasn’t quite right. It was because of the simplicity of the statements.” As a travelling song, “Only Love” has a particular flair for intense emotion and instrumental pairings. Yet, the track is also unassuming as it picks the listener up for a ride down the metaphorical highway. These freeing vibes are reminiscent of John Mellencamp, and Bruce Springsteen intermingled with moments of Chris Stapleton, Hanson muses.