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Harley Jayne, aka HARLEE, released her major debut song, “Reset,” on April 29, 2022, via Island Records. She is better known for her uncredited vocals on the 2020 single “Lonely” by British DJ Joel Corry, which reached number 4 on the UK Singles Chart. The track was written by Robert Harvey, Lewis Thompson, Laura Welsh and Harlee Jayne and produced by Lewis Thompson, Robert Harvey and Neave Applebaum. HARLEE shared on social media, “Reset is finally out after holding onto it for over two years!. I'm SO happy it's out, and I really hope you like it. Reset is about the power of regret, which is a big emotion we all feel. We all wish we had the opportunity to start over again with something, realizing you might've took something for granted, but I want you to interpret the song HOWEVER you like, but mostly I want you to FEEL GOOD! You better crank the volume up and be the main character when you listen to it. this song is so special to me and wouldn't be what it is without my amazing co-writers Robert Harvey Lewis Thompson; Laura Welsh; thank you to my publicist Darryl Parkinson Warner Chappell Music UK label Island Records & managers Ian Robinson Robert Harvey for making this dream a reality THIS IS ONLY THE BEGINNING.” This sultry spitfire seems young but has the voice of an old soul, and like many of today's pop artists, Harlee initially showed the world her talents by sharing covers on YouTube. Harlee exudes talent and has been honing her profession since she was 11 years old. The UK-based singer is signed with Steve Madden’s 5Towns Records.