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LA-based pop artist Harper Starling has released her new single entitled "No More What If." Over a sleek and danceable beat, Harper shares the story of how she left her home in Wisconsin for a chance at making it big in California. Her warm, vibrant vocals breathe life into every lyric, especially in the empowering choruses. She confidently sings, “No more what if / I’m taking chances / I’m here now,” confirming that her efforts were not wasted – she is where she belongs. The music video for the track beautifully captures Harper’s journey as we watch her start her life on the West Coast. She packs her bags and drives across the country, determined to find success. She soon learns that success does not come easy, though, as she is left handing out her resume on the sidewalk to employers who seem completely uninterested. Harper Starling said of the song, “Every writing experience is unique and different and with this particular song, ‘No More What If,’ I was lucky that my co-writing partner, Cindy Valentine is nocturnal and came up with a melody and rough instrumental at 3 AM. The next day we talked about our similar journeys of pursuing our dreams in LA, and we combined our stories to create the lyrics for ‘No More What If.’ Niko The Kid then came on board to add his magic to the track.”