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Los Angeles pop-rock trio Hey Violet has released a new song called "Dear Love," which will be lifted from one of three EPs set to drop throughout the year. They will be connecting with their fans in a major way in 2021. While the past year was relatively quiet for the group – to be honest, 2020 was quiet for 95% of the music world – ’21 will see Hey Violet roar back into the spotlight with a trio of EPs. Afterward, the trilogy will come together and form a new LP – the first since 2017’s "From The Outside" and their first album since going independent. It’s a daunting but exciting new chapter for a band-making wave since its formation in the late 2000s. “Each EP represents something different to us,” Nia explains in a press release. “The first EP is about loss, the second is about falling to your vices, and the third EP is about growing from your mistakes. It follows Rena’s journey through the last few years.”