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Romanian singer-songwriter INNA released a new song, “Oh My God,” as it is the first taste of new music since her seventh studio album, “Heartbreaker,” which was released last November. She recorded the song during her Dance Queen's House studio sessions in 2020. INNA shared on social media, “This time last year, I was locked down in the studio. This is one of the songs that I didn't get to see the light yet." She got her start by using the stage name "Alessandra" in 2008 and adopted a pop-rock style; later that year, she changed her stage name to "Inna" and began releasing house music. Her debut single 'Hot" in 2008 was a commercial success worldwide and topped the Romanian and Billboard's Hot Dance Airplay chart, among others. Inna's debut studio album of the same name followed in August 2009 and was certified Gold and Platinum.