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Rapper Izzy Azalea has released her brand new single titled "I Am the Strip Club," a dance-heavy single that features a video that hosted looks from Legendary ballroom stars, the House of Balmain. The track is clearly poised for nightclubs around the globe. It will reportedly be featured on Iggy's forthcoming studio album, "End of An Era," reportedly slated for an August release. "I Am the Strip Club" appears months after Iggy's racy single "Sip It" featuring Tyga made waves. Following the video's release, Iggy complained that "Sip It" was being censored and wasn't receiving the attention from streaming services that it deserved. Accompanied by a music video that features Azalea showing off some of her sultriest dance moves at a club in the back of a moving trailer and a leather outfit on the back of a motorcycle. On Instagram, Azalea wrote of the song, “This is my art, it makes me happy creating it and gives me purpose – So I hope someone is out this weekend dancing to this song!” The song, which Iggy has been waiting to drop since she was pregnant with her son Onyx, was slated to be the first single off her upcoming album, "The End of an Era." However, Iggy said she “wanted to wait for the clubs to open back up.”