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NYC electro-pop artist Jake Lancer just released his debut single “Feel Your Love,” and the passion and energy found in this song couldn’t be more refreshing. The song will appear on his upcoming debut EP “Take Off!" written by Jake Lancer and Jack Hoffman, who also produced the track. The queer artist, a working therapist with a background in music at UMG, is now a breakout talent that’s sure to turn heads. In “Feel Your Love,” Jake confides, “I wrote, “Feel Your Love” in a time of loneliness, craving validation and intimacy, while also looking outward to fulfill my innate shame as a gay man. My debut single, “Feel Your Love,” is my Dance-pop fantasy, romanticizing intimacy and the illusion that is unfulfilled by the apps and “gay” hookup culture.” Featuring glimmering vocals over a feel-good anthemic chorus, the song oozes with ecstasy and annihilation, signature to defining dance floor hits. The longing and romance that radiates from this song instantly consume you, luring you in to let your troubles fade away and escape into a disco revival. Jake Lancer’s influences range from artists like Lady Gaga, Abba, David Bowie to Troye Sivan. Growing up closeted yet a part of the LGBTQIA community, Jake dreamed of creating pop music that not only inspired but could give a voice to anyone on their healing journey. Jake Lancer’s music is more than an expression of pop and dance, but a mechanism for healing, a love story, and a voice for those feeling both heartbreak and life’s greatest euphoria.