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Naarm/Melbourne-based artist Jas. (Jasmine Zakhour) has released her new track, "Care too Much," which is the follow-up to her first single, "Wish You Well." "Care too Much" sees Jas, who is on the Hy-Lo label, again collaborating with producer YAAK. According to Jas. "Care Too Much was written in April of 2021 as an ode to traits within my personality that I felt let me down. The lyrics describe these traits while simultaneously justifying the behaviours that we all know are a detriment to our mental state if not controlled… the overall message of the song is that it’s okay to ‘care too much,’ as long as we acknowledge our pitfalls, and at least try to remediate in the process. Together with my frequent collaborator YAAK, we set out to create a fun and light-hearted record that would best highlight the contrasting sides of the narrative." "Care too Much" shows Jas. unafraid to reveal details of her journey. Despite the reflective nature of the lyrics, the track is upbeat, optimistic and eminently danceable. Jas. uses her exquisite voice to good effect in this song, the message of which is so relatable it’s sure to become an anthem to those who have found themselves in similar circumstances. In collaboration with YAAK, Jas. has again combined honest and insightful lyrics with slick production to deliver another pop classic.