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Having already achieved huge success as a featured artist, selling millions of singles and amassing billions of streams globally and now she is back with a new song "Already There." In 2017, at just 16 years old, Jasmine decided to take a year off from her blossoming music career to wait tables at a restaurant in London's Soho, an experience that felt necessary in order to reset, and which she now references in her newest song. That time away from the industry brought Jasmine a new perspective, and in this latest single and accompanying video she is brought back to that time, romanticizing the idea of two strangers meeting in a bar or restaurant, how they came to be, and how they grew stronger while apart.

Jasmine Thompson was born in London and was YouTube-discovered at age 13. After recording numerous cover songs for her channel, she started getting regular radio airplay on BBC. In 2013, Thompson self-released her debut album "Bundle of Tantrums." One month later, she released an EP called "Under the Willow Tree." While releasing her own music, Thompson created a track with German DJ/producer Robin Schultz called ‘Sun Goes Down’ that became an international dance hit. In 2015, Thompson was signed with Atlantic Records and travelled to the U.S. to collaborate with artists like Jesse Shatkin and Emily Warren.