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Rising artist JC Stewart unveiled his brand new single "Love Like That," showcasing his signature lovelorn lyricism. "Love Like That" expresses an intimate, all-encompassing emotion within a high production. Passionately heartfelt yet reflective and tender, JC's magnetic voice delivers a sincere apology to a love interest for not being there when it mattered. His words are supported by a potent pop hook, swooning backing vocals and shimmering beats. While the song's remorse is undeniable, there's a positive feeling that this relationship can move on to a brighter future. JC shares, "I wrote 'Love Like That' after I'd had a few tough conversations with the people I loved around me. I realized I'd been fully prioritizing work over everything else and forgetting about the stuff that actually matters in life. This song is really an apology to those people and a promise to always put them first." "Love Like That" arrives alongside a performance of the song for Mahogany Sessions. JC's elegantly authentic voice continues to shine just as brightly in a stripped-back setting, as it allows the nuances of his songwriting to become even more vulnerable. Accompanied by a four-piece gospel group, "Love Like That" takes on a melancholy ambience. While the studio version has an undercurrent of optimism, this session version feels like an acceptance that the wrongs he sings of can't be put right.