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New York artist Jillian Rossi has shared a new song titled "Fever Dream." This release finds her discussing relationship issues over top of a grand instrumental, reaching new emotional heights. "Fever Dream" is Rossi's follow-up to her powerful debut "So What," an anthemic pop ballad that makes full use of her impressive vocal range. Similar to "So What," "Fever Dream" is an incredible vocal performance met with catchy hooks and melodies as she dissects a failed relationship

Rossi gives her most heartfelt performance as the grand and anthemic tune, driven by piano and strings. "Fever Dreams" is a beautifully sung reflection on past love that is both relatable and distinct to Rossi's own experience. All in all, "Fever Dream" is a monumental release from Jillian Rossi. It is a heart-wrenching moving track yet uplifting, giving the listener a poignant emotional experience. It is difficult to leave the song without resonating with its beauty and passion.