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As she gears up to release her debut album "Skin," today, she releases a new single from that set titled "Trouble." “The song is about a constant argument with a family member,” she explains. “It got to the point where I realized that fundamentally as much as we could clash, we both wanted to be on each other’s side “your trouble’s the same as mine.” It’s a cliche, but we really do hurt the ones we love - it’s because we know we can and that the love will always be there.” As for her debut album from the 23-year-old musician. A triumphant body of work, it delves into the very DNA of the artist: she lived experiences as a woman but also as a south Londoner with Irish-Bangladeshi heritage and as a young person living in the UK, working in the music industry. “Biologically and scientifically, your skin is one of the strongest organs in your body,” she continues. “But socially and externally, your identity is something that can be used against you. I like that juxtaposition between strong and weak, and it’s something that I grapple with a lot on the album.” As well as preparing to release "Skin," Crookes is due to feature on Swindle's "The New World" album track "How I've Been." Joy Crookes' debut album "Skin" will land this Friday (15 October) via Insanity Records