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Justin Bieber has scored his seventh No. 1 hit with "Peaches" -- and he's not alone at the top. It's also the first Hot 100 chart-topper for featured vocalists Daniel Caesar and Giveon, who both get solo verses on the smash hit from Bieber's Billboard 200 No. 1 album "Justice." Now we get the demo version of the track that sounds a little different from the original, as the difference lies in the vocals and the arrangement that's slightly changed on the studio version. Bieber stated that the album’s goal is to provide “healing — and justice — for humanity.” However, that message is lost in translation since the song takes more of a summery-vibe approach than a political reformation one. Bieber recently took to Instagram to perform a stripped-back, piano version of his track. The clip on social media sees Bieber sporting a pair of hot pink sunglasses and dreads. Sitting at his piano, the singer launches into a solo rendition of the popular single, which usually features accompaniment from Daniel Caeser and Giveon.