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Australian R&B and pop music singer-songwriter-guitarist and internet personality JXN has shared his new single titled "Love Sux," marking what he considers his first real attempt at a love song. “I feel corny describing it,” he said today (November 24) in a press release, “but the whole song is about the troubles I’ve come up against in love. There are times when it can really suck, but I’ve added a last-minute flip [with the lyric] "Love Sux, but you don’t," because there are certainly times when it can work out.” Carried by a loose, breezy soundscape of strummed acoustics and razor-sharp drum machines, the track takes clear inspiration from Latin pop and trap artists. Brazier noted that he’d co-written it over Zoom with songwriter Kristen Carpenter and Swedish duo Teddy Failure. Touching on its emotive rawness, he continued: “It actually makes me cry when I sing it stripped back with my guitar thinking about everything I love. It’s a beautiful song and possibly one of my most vulnerable if you can look past the absolute banging production and stop dancing for a second!” "Love Sux" is the artist’s second new track for 2021, following the release of "Cotton Candy" back in September (and a subsequent remix from Nuxe the month after. The artist released his debut EP, "NeverASadAdventure," in May of 2020. Flanked by singles such as "Outta Space" (featuring Allday and Fossa Beats) and "Stellar."