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After being absent from the music scene for the last two years, Kate Nash has returned with a brand new song titled "Misery." The single marks the singer-songwriter’s first material., following on from 2019’s "Bad Lieutenant" and "Trash," reflects the feelings Nash experienced throughout the coronavirus-enforced lockdown. In a statement, Nash said the song was inspired partly by life during quarantine, saying, “I definitely went through depression. I just didn’t have the energy for most of the year, and I was kind of lethargic and very lacklustre. Rather than fighting that, I leaned into it. It’s about the trauma: the trauma of everything changing.” Following the song’s release, the singer is set to take “a COVID-secure road trip” across the US for a series of “scenic” one-off shows – dubbed the ‘Safely Out Of The Bedroom Tour.’ The first gig will take place at Sequoia National Forest in California.