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Christmas has arrived early courtesy of Kelly Clarkson, who just released her new single entitled "Christmas Isn't Canceled (Just You)." The song heralds her ninth studio album, "When Christmas Comes Around," out October 15th via Atlantic Records. The 15-track project will include covers of classic holiday jingles plus new collaborations with her new "The Voice" colleague Ariana Grande ("Santa, Can’t You Hear Me"), Chris Stapleton ("Glow") and more. In December, her "Under the Mistletoe" collaboration with Brett Eldredge, which reached the top 10 of Billboard's Hot Country Songs and Adult Contemporary charts, will also be featured on the new album as a bonus track. “My purpose for choosing this lyric for being the title of this project was to bring forth a sense of reality to the fact that we are probably all in very different places emotionally "When Christmas Comes Around," Clarkson explained in a statement. “Some of us consumed with a new love, some of us reminded of loss, some filled with optimism for the coming new year, others elated for some much deserved time away from the chaos our work lives can sometimes bring us.” This will be Clarkson’s second holiday album, like her first, “Wrapped in Red,” debuted on the Billboard 200 chart at number 3 and was released in 2013.