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Kid Rock has released a massive 18-track album titled “Bad Reputation,” and he drew on personal experience for this one. This album is an intimate look into Kid Rock’s psyche, and it’s an exciting place there. He addresses love, loss, rock and roll, politics, and social media, mixing classic rock and country riffs to create his signature sound. At the beginning of the album, Kid Rock decided to get heavily political and in-your-face, which seems like a bold choice. But no one ever said Kid Rock wasn’t brave. Also, don’t ever try to tell him what to do. The first song on “Bad Reputation,” titled “Don’t Tell Me How To Live,” opens with a shocking declaration of “f–k all you h–s / Detroit ’til I die, motherf—er.” Again, no one ever said he wasn’t bold. Kid Rock has always known how he wants to live his life, and it’s loud and unapologetic. After about the first six songs, things get a little less polarizing. “Rockin'” is a subtle country song about taking things slow and appreciating what you have. Kid Rock urges listeners to “sing this song together tonight / we may never be here again”; additionally, he has a song for everyone: the small town, the city, his road crew and fans, sinners, saints, and all of the above. He ends the song on a sweet note, painting the picture of him rocking on the porch with his granddaughter. At its core, it’s a song about living life to the fullest. He’s confident in himself as a person and an artist, which comes through on “Bad Reputation.” It’s loud, and controversial, and rejects the mainstream, but that’s par for the course with Kid Rock. It’s his usual mix of country, rock and roll, and a touch of rap, and it’s a masterpiece of Kid Rock’s personality distilled into 18 songs.